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Install Adobe Reader – How to Download in English

If you live in a foreign country companies such as Adobe like to enforce language choices with unforgiving redirects.

If you want to download Adobe Reader in English and you live in Japan for example, you will need to change the url they redirect you to from:


WordPress on local network for testing

If you want to have wordpress on your local lan, and are getting errors with the installation redirecting to localhost you can either log in via the gui and update the site, or if you are at the command line, change the mysql.

For example:

mysql -u root -p

enter your mysql password (and of course you shouldn’t use root for live deployments).

select your database:

USE wordpress;

change local host to your IP address (if this is DCHP generated, it may change…)

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value='' WHERE option_name='siteurl' OR option_name='home';

And you should be good to go!

Hangman Cheat

hangmanHangman Cheat is quite a clever website which can pretty accurately guess the word you are thinking of. Simply tell it how many letters the word has and start playing.

I tried the word “japan” first and it found it very quickly. When I tried “blizzardboy” it didn’t have so much luck – probably because blizzardboy isn’t a dictionary word.

If you like games such as babble I think you will enjoy this.

Japanese Weapons Generator

I found this interesting Weapons Generator at The generator is only in Japanese, but is pretty easy to use even if one can’t read Japanese. Scroll down the page to the box with the enter button beside it. Enter your name in the box and hit enter. It will render your name into the weapon that represents you. I entered “Simon” and this is what it produced:

Simon Sword

Quite a nice piece of rendering. The final weapon that came out was some sort of dual-pronged sword.

Simon's Weapon

The site also gives your name and weapon a rank out of a 100. Mine got 62 – according to the page, 25 is normal. Guess Simon is a strong name!

Beautiful T-Shirt Designs

Found these awesome T-Shirt designs while surfing this morning. I don’t know anything about the person making them, but they do have a mighty fine sense of humour!

Split Personality
Split Personality

Thomas the Tank Engine meets the Transformers! Obviously inspired by Ringo Starr.

Endangered Species
Endangered Species

Inverting the old adage – You Are What You Eat.

Extreme Beginnings
Extreme Beginnings

Look to see extreme Penny Farthing events at the London Olympics.

You can find more of these designs at The designer Glenn Jones, is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. Wicked!

How not to provide advice to beginners

Here is how not to provide advice to beginning users of your software:

A great example of a Catch 22 though!

I mean if you can understand what they have written, you don’t really need the page do you.

Cute as Pie: Salivating Sushi


Some great photos of maki-sushi from Yummy!

Rolling sushi so that the ingredients make a pretty picture is quite an art form. You can see more pictures of scrummy sushi here.

Freakdance Records T-Shirts

Well spring is sprung, the rat is out of the hat, and no amount of platitudes could really fail to convince you that you need:

a freakdance records t-shirt

freakdance-records t-shirt

They only have a 100 of these, so get in quick.

Here is what they have to say about all this it glows in the dark goodness:


The good-ole Freakdance skull logo has been revamped, reborn and brutally sodomized by label hustler Jere Häkkinen (Luomuhappo) – he has handpainted & re-sketched our company logo by hand and transformed it into a brand new level of fartistical approach!

These brand new Freakdance Records (TM)(C)(R) skull-cracker t-shirts are now internationally available from our webshop in colours such as … well, as Glenn Danzig would put it: “Black, black, The black is back, I am the blackest of the black of time!” – But don’t you worry, in the midst of all this blackness, the beautiful white print on these babies does not only glow in UV light alone, but THESE SHIRTS GLOW IN THE DARK AS WELL! Now how cool is that, you can spook out your acidhead friends in dark rave caves?? HUH ??

Take a look at the shirt here:

The price is 15 euros a piece and the total print has been limited to 100 copies, so get yours before they disappear from the face of the earth. The shirts are only available for men for the time being, but we will get some models for the ladies very soon! :) Be patient, o’ titted ones! <3

For our Finnish customers / HUOMIO SUOMALAASET PEOPLE!!!: order two CD’s, get the shirt for 10 euros. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that, and if any of you hippie bums still have the nerve to complain about the prices, we’ll hit you in the face with a hammer. Offer valid inside Finland only, sorry.

Our international web shop is at -> mailorder

If you don’t want one, you can always order one for me for my birthday. It is only 6 months away you know!

Hiroshige’s Kage’e – Shadow Prints


Above is a print by the Edo period printmaker Hiroshige depicting a hawk. It is in the style of Kage’e or shadow print, something I hadn’t seen before I stumbled on the post Kage-e: Shadow pictures over at the Pink Tentacle blog. You can see more shadow prints at that page.

I love the way it is so delicately clever.

Barcodes the Japanese Way

We have all seen barcode tattoos, and have probably heard about evil satanic barcode conspiracies (they mean 666 and represent the end of the world of course!) but Japanese company Design Barcode KK (デザインバーコード株式会社) has taken things a step further by taking the barcode and reworking it into the package design as a whole.

I found these while looking at Dark Roasted Blend – a collection of weird and wonderful things. They have some very fascinating photos:)

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